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As a healthcare professional I have worked in many areas of the acute and long-term care systems. For seniors and their family members, navigating the long-term care process can be overwhelming and time consuming to say the least. In the healthcare world, one of the leading causes of emergency room visits for seniors is falling. Stroke is the #1 reason for long-term disability in the U.S.


Most consumers would rather spend their golden years in a place of comfort and familiarity- at home. But what happens when seniors start finding it difficult to make ends meet- due to the high cost of medical care, prescription drugs, property tax increases, or just the increase in day to day living expenses?


There are creative strategies that can help seniors stay in their homes longer. "Aging In Place" is the buzzword for the long-term care community.


As an advocate for seniors and their family members, my job is to pass on as much information as possible about strategies, products, services, and organizations- so that we can fill that information gap about long-term care, and senior needs in general. This site is dedicated to helping seniors find a FINANCIAL means to stay at home, and to find ways to maintain SAFETY while in the home.


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